The opposite of addiction is connection, recovery cannot happen alone.

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We are your confidential experts in supporting you or your loved one back to wellness, free from the chaos of substance dependence and problematic behaviour.

All our staff are trained in multiple areas of recovery, all have lived experience and all are prepared to extend themselves for the express purpose of supporting others, learning together to regain connection to themselves and their loved ones, moving from individual to relationship, and from fear to hope and possibility.

We are priveleged and dedicated to support those who want the opportunity of reclaiming their full humanity.

Who we are

Recovery Companions New Zealand was inspired by two like minded individuals who both have been faced with the destruction of active addiction and the havoc it played in their lives.

After hitting “rock bottom” they were both faced with the decision to keep drinking and using until the end or do everything possible to overcome the disease of addiction and live a life worth living. Through determination and hard work, they chose the latter.

After completing multiple residential rehabilitation programs as well as getting involved in recovery based programs and learning how to live a life free from the influences of alcohol and other drugs, they retrained to work in the recovery services industry.

Sadly it was evident that some people struggle with reintegration back into daily life and becoming healthy, productive members of society. On countless occasions they witnessed good people who were trying their hardest to escape addiction, falling back into the cycle of relapse and subsequent despair.

They decided they wanted to make a difference in improving peoples chances of a healthy recovery through a holistic approach. This was how Recovery Companions came into fruition.

Recovery Companions is a service that will walk beside you through your recovery journey. We are about empowering you to make healthy choices and get past the fear and anxiety of living a life without the need or desire for alcohol or other drugs.

We offer you stability and support during a time that is best described as turbulent. We believe everyone has the right to a happy, healthy life free from the grips of addiction.

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