Dear Recovery Companions,

Trustees of young men with developmental issues are faced with problems at times most Trustees are ill-equipped to deal with.

Alcohol, methamphetamine, gambling, diabetes, lying, as a constant mix, is potentially damaging to dwindling finances but, more drastically, to the life expectancy of the young Trust beneficiary.

Jeremy [not his real name] was kept alive for 18 months or so with what was, effectively, very restrictive constant care –i.e. semi – incarceration. This could not continue. Cost for one thing but restriction on development of the individual as the primary concern.

By chance my fellow Trustee and I were introduced to Recovery Companions. There were well-meaning sceptics that recovering addicts could not provide the level of consistent support needed.

Our decision to give them a crack 5 months ago, was not only right but brilliantly so. Through support, incentives, gentle persuasion, and monitoring by wonderful people who are on their own difficult recovery journeys, Jeremy is regaining the ability to look into himself and to see a future where he might play a part in society and a future without substances, a future not empty and unfulfilling.

Thanks to the company and to the individuals sharing their lives with our young man.

Enjoy your Xmas and holiday breaks.

Honourable Phil Recordon


Dear Recovery Companions,

After years of drug and alcohol addiction my child finally decided that help was needed.

With help we found a Residential Rehab where he stayed for some six months. This was seven days a week, 24 hours per day and without them he would most definitely be dead. We were fortunate that at that time they had a retreat in Nelson, this enabled him to be out of the city and away from the myriad of bad influences. After a month or so, which must have been a nightmare for the staff of the Residential Rehab he came back to the city and stayed at their other location in Sandringham. The staff were outstanding, not only to him, but to me and our extended family and support. He reached three months clean and needed to have some time away from the Residential Rehab. Unfortunately, he lapsed and returned to the Residential Rehab.

He worked hard, and the time eventually arrived when it was time to stand on his own two feet and return to a normal world, but he still needed support. This is when we came across Recovery Companions and as the name suggests they are a companion to the person newly in recovery. At the time the company was still developing and for me it was a bit of a gamble.

Now all I can say is thank goodness I took it – they have been amazing. In the first instance they were with him seven days a week 9am-5pm. During this time they helped him with day to day living – after being an addict for so many years he had forgotten how to buy good food, cook healthy food etc etc. Also making sure he got to appointments, of which there were, and still are many, particularly with health issues he has.

Without Recovery Companions he admits, and I am certain, that he would have begun using again.
I can’t thank the team there enough for their patience, tolerance and resilience.

A Grateful Mother


Dear Recovery Companions,

As the mother of an alcoholic living many miles away from Auckland, feeling powerless to help or even understand the evils of alcoholism, Recovery Companions were a god send!

They were recommended to me by someone in Christchurch who knew of Mitchell and his insight and commitment to helping addicts recover. My contact phoned Mitchell and asked if he would be interested in helping my son in Auckland and his devastated mother in the far south. Fifteen minutes later I received a call from Mitchell introducing himself and his company. The very next day he visited my son. My son was not happy as he thought he could stop drinking without outside help and was cold towards Mitch. He couldn’t of course, go it alone – he really tried but failed each time.

Recovery Companions organised a very professional intervention which I flew up for. My son accepted he had a drinking problem but still kept trying to do it alone and not let Mitchell into his life. During my son’s stubbornness, Mitchell contacted me regularly by phone and text checking in and teaching me how an alcoholic’s mind works – often talking me “off the ledge.” It took a little time and some tough love for my son to accept help, but Mitchell was ready and waiting to step in.

My son is now in a detox facility and then he will go for a long stay in rehab which was all organised by Mitchell. As the last few days before he checked in were particularly hard due to some medical issues, Recovery Companions kept him safe and not alone.

My family and I are so grateful to Recovery Companions and especially Mitchell. They have so much experience with addicts and their care and compassion is wonderful, both for the addict and their family. They know of, and have contacts with, many of the facilities available for their clients and we could not believe the value for money we received. All at Recovery Companions believe so strongly in what they do and feel that helping the addict recover is the main aim of their business. They charge a very fair price for their services and are worth every cent!

I would recommend Mitchell and the team at Recovery Companions to anyone going through the miseries of addiction. Without them my son wouldn’t have managed to get into detox and rehab facilities so quickly. He has a long way to go but I know that Mitchell will be there to pick up the pieces with just a phone call from either my son or myself.

We wish continued success to Recovery Companions in helping others who find themselves in similar situations. We are forever grateful and will never forget the help and kindness we have all received from Mitchell and his team.